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A Three Day Workshop and Simulation Series on


New Dates coming soon!

About SYNC (dot)

The current state of the world has highlighted the importance of effective Global Diplomacy and Intergovernmental Leadership. We strongly believe that simulations like Model United Nations can build the much needed adaptive capacity in young people, and help build a ‘Network of Change Makers’ who can not only tackle these global problems but work in an integrated way to avoid such situations from occurrence.


In this context, we are delighted to bring to you for the very first time the first initiative of United Nations and Policy Making Workshop and simulation series; an initiative by CIRCEI Education Services.


We use a mix of learning tools such as travel, case studies, projects, conferences, outdoors and academic simulations. These varied experiences help students develop skills such as Empathy, Creativity, Teamwork, Networking, Resilience, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Cognitive Flexibility and Decision Making a relevant mix of 21st-century skills and SYNC(dot) is one such program to enable critical thinking and strategy building program at CES.


The three day workshop aims to create awareness about the international world, the international organisations, relevant issues, diplomacy, international relations and affairs.

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Program Electives

Workshop Electives:

Public Policy and Governance

International Affairs & Sustainability

Panel Discussion Electives:

The need for Reforms in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC)

Transitioning India from a trying-to-be Democratic to a Democratic State

Simulation & Training Electives:

Comission on Crime Prevention & Criminal Justice (CCPCJ)

United Nations Security Council (UNSC)

Other Side Events:

Careers at the United Nations

Model UN to success at the Workplace

In conversation with a Green Saviour (Community Superheroes)

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