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generation Z






Positive Impact

We ambition to transform students into open-minded, principled, and knowledgeable Global Citizens through our various initiatives and programs that promote the quintessential skills required to take on leadership roles in the 21st Century.

Our programs encourage participants to use their hands-on interdisciplinary knowledge to make an impact in the world and become “Global Change-Makers” and “Global Actors” through our many programs and initiatives to explore & engage.

Gardening Lesson

Tell me and I forget,

Teach me and I may remember,

Involve me and I learn

Benjamin Franklin's words on theory over collaboration rather tidily define the debates that have surrounded the theory and practice of teaching and are very often used as the motto for the theory of experiential learning.

CIRCEI Education is an honest attempt at making Gen Z well-read and well-informed and make skill building accessible and understandable to the students of this generation rather than the traditional approach which has been in vogue for decades. To help them grow and adapt to various environments in a fast pacing world, CIRCEI works on experiential learning programs and initiatives which immerse learners in real-world problem-solving & critical thinking making them more tolerable, inclusive and appreciate the perception of Consensus.


Experience over theory, Collaboration over isolation.

Today, delivery of quality education is moving beyond the conventional realms of a classroom and is being actively

replaced by a plethora of experiential learning methods.

Meanwhile, the workplace too has evolved from an

unidimensional specialized, and static ecosystem to a

multicultural, multidisciplinary, and dynamic one.


As such, today’s youth must be prepared to adapt to changing environments. The need of the hour for prospective future leaders and global citizens is that of this high adaptive capacity, which emphasizes the ability to collaborate, communicate, and solve dynamic problems.


At CIRCEI Education, we recognize that Model UN is an exceptional learning tool as it challenges students to work together in addressing some of the most pressing global issues of today. Over the last seven years, we have worked to expand this platform by engaging industry leaders, prestigious international universities, civil society institutions, scholars, and others, to create a more holistic learning experience for students and to take Model UN beyond the committee.

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