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The Most Accurate Simulation of the United Nations

4 June 2021 to 6 June 2021

About GLMUN Online

GLMUN Online Conferences are designed to give youth participants the real UN experience, from the comfort of their homes. Participants are tested on the basis of in-depth knowledge, research insights and diplomatic skills to solve global problems in different UN committees. Topics include a wide array of challenges from economic recession to international security to pandemics. This is an intensive immersive experience and an academic simulation of the United Nations

Upcoming Simulations and Workshops

Policy Making, Governance & International Relations


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United Nations General Assembly 6th Committee


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World Health

Assembly - WHA

(ON COVID - 19)

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Speakers from previous edition:


Ms. Paulomi Tripathi


India's Permanent Mission

to the United Nations NYC

Mr. Samarth Pathak

Communications Officer

United Nations Office for Drugs

and Crime - UNODC

Dr. (Adv.) Aditya Sondhi

Senior Advocate & Lawyer

Supreme Court of India and Former

Additional Advocate General, Karnataka

Mr. Kiri Atri

Assistant External Relations Officer

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees - UNHCR

Dr. Poorvaprabha Patil

Youth Representative

United Nations Youth Summit

and President, IMSA

Prof. Bholanath Dutta

Founder President

MTC Global and

Advisor, CIRCEI Education


Benefits of attending GLMUN Conference

GLMUN Online Conference brings you the rigour, knowledge testing and analysis of a real-world GLMUN, every week. Participants get to interact with people from all over the world, brush up on their research and inter-personal skills and solve global challenges. All of this, from the comfort of their homes. The skills listed are a prerequisite in today's competitive environment. And by participatingat GLMUN, you get a chance to imbibe and implement these skills.

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GLMUN Registration Fees & Benifits

Pricing : GLMUN Online Conference costs only 700 INR. If you register in the Early Bird Timeline, You Pay only INR 499! Hurry Up and Register Now!

Your Participation fee is inclusive of:

GLMUN Study Guides
Position Paper Submission
Workshops & Other Events
Training Sessions
Leadership Forum
Networking & Ice Breaking
Official Certificate & ID Card
Opening & Closing Ceremony
Interaction with UN Officials