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Education is not the filling of a pail,

but the lighting of a fire...

We envision co-creating a knowledge society – one which constructs, shares, and uses knowledge for the prosperity and well-being of its people. We trigger this through a variety of carefully structured experiential learning programs that necessarily engage the students in working towards solutions for the challenges we face in our local & global communities. The acquisition of knowledge and skills is a continuous process, triggered by curiosity and inspiration.

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The Aim

Through dedicated classroom learning, practical hands-on leadership experience, and intentional mentoring, students learn how to: Inspire others in their pursuit of the common good as living models of person - centered leadership.

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The Idea

Improving problem-solving, critical thinking and negotiation skills that will provide a distinct edge both in a management and in other relevant positions in a diverse environment. Ideating with Brainstorming and mind mapping


Yashee Sharan

Student, Christ Academy of Law, Bengaluru

I participated in the Model UN Program (Global Citizenship Module) of CIRCEI Education. It was my first Model UN conference and I had a great time at the conference. With engaging workshops, guest speakers from the actual United Nations and was professionally executed.