Chinmay Gundlur

CEO and

Managing Director

Akshay Raichur

Tech and Code

Nischal Mudennavar

Tech and Code

Riddhi Sen Majumder

CBO and

Executive Vice President

Amitha Srinivas

HR & Administration

Ankit Tiwari

Business Development

Naina Nerli

COO and

Executive Director

Manisha Sengupta

HR & Management

Akshata Kulkarni

Tech and Code

Internships and Volunteering

We envision co-creating a knowledge society – one which constructs, shares, and uses knowledge for the prosperity and well-being of its people. We trigger this through a variety of carefully structured experiential learning programs that necessarily engage the students in working towards solutions for the challenges we face in our local & global communities. The acquisition of knowledge and skills is a continuous process, triggered by curiosity and inspiration.